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.dpg format movies


I have a DS and an Acekard 2. I want to be able to use Moonshell 2 to watch movies, but I find it difficult to find them in the .dpg format. I may be getting an Acekard 2i since my DS lite is crap and then I'll be able to use it on my 3DS. To get movies in the .dpg format for your DS, go to YouTube and find a movie. Because I really like this movie, and every other true horror fan does. If you copy and paste the following into your URL bar, it will bring you to the movie Smiley on YouTube.

Open up two more tabs. In the first, open up the following website.

If you don't want to use this website, I understand. There are not very many websites that allow you to download YouTube videos for free. If you have Mozilla Firefox, you can download one of the many YouTube video downloaders. I would suggest Flash Video Downloader. If you don't have Mozilla Firefox, I encourage you to get it, but if you can't, you can download the Freemake YouTube Video Downloader.

Now, in the other tab, open up the following website.                          

Savevid and online-convert are both safe websites. Online-convert is not completely free, though. You can only convert files that are smaller than 100 MB. For that reason, when you download your movies, you must download them in the .3gp format, to make them small enough to upload and convert. That said, lets move on to the next part.

Go to Savevid and on the home page, you should see a text bar. Go to YouTube and copy the URL. Paste it in the bar and click the download button. If something pops up, DO NOT WORRY! It is not a virus! It is just asking for your permission to run Java to download the video. Click run and wait. The first time it may be a little bit slower, but after that, it takes about 2 seconds to load. Again, to convert the file, you must download it in the .3gp format. So far, I have not come across a video that was over 100 MB in the .3gp format. They are normally around 50 MB for every hour and a half after conversion, though.

When it is done downloading, go to online-convert and upload the file. Click on the "convert file" button and it will begin uploading. It will take you to a page when it is done uploading and it will begin to convert it. It should take up to 10 seconds. It is possible it will get stuck on the "processing..."  part. If that happens, press F5 or the reload button to reload the page. If it gets stuck again, I don't know what to tell ya. Try reloading again or maybe reupload the file if you're that desperate. It will possibly pop something up like on Savevid. In that case, just click run. After that, It should automatically start the download of the file in the .dpg format. Only do one at a time, because instead of having the same name, it changes it to i_, a letter, and then just a bunch of random letters and numbers. The End.